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Umbrella Services

Umbrella payroll

Platinum Umbrella is registered in England & Wales, we are an Independent and not a member of a group of companies. We are registered and trade in the UK. All workers through our umbrella company are subject to an overarching contract of employment.

We understand that it is essential for you to be fully compliant with all of the latest working regulations and legislation. Due to the frequent amendments and the introduction of new legislation; it can be a mind-field to keep up-to-date with all of the changes. We are always ready to help you to keep you up-to-date with the requirements.

How do I Switch to Umbrella Company?

You may be unhappy with your current umbrella company or would like to take advantage of the benefits available using Platinum Umbrella.

Joining umbrella company is simple, same day processing, you can do via online base registration or call us 0208 514 2678. Online registration is single page form you can do it yourself and upload copy of passport or any proof of ID and utility bill. You may be uploading your p45 as well.

When we received your registration documents, we will contact your agency and starting the compliance procedures. We have already finished compliance audit procedure with most of recruitment agencies. So, it will be easy to finish and setting up payroll within a day.

Once every party is aware of the upcoming changes, you will need to start uploading your timesheets and eligible expense claims via the online portal.

Platinum Umbrella is not going to be charge for joining or leaving fees and no hiding charges as well.
When you will be free, you can contact us to discussing about your personal financial plan, mortgage, insurance and pension, our expert team will help you at any time.

The benefits of using an umbrella company! 

Key Benefits:

  • No more administration or tax worries of running a company or trade as self employer

  • Expense policy; explaining you to ensure you claim back what you are entitled to

  • Advice on taxable allowances to ensure your tax is minimized

  • No Accountancy fee to pay for the employment


Detailed Benefits:

  • Fast invoicing and collection improves cash flow

  • We can set you up for contracting in less than 24 hours

  • You benefit from "Limited Liability" which helps protect your personal assets​

  • As an employee you benefit from Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity Pay

  • We are managed by Qualified Accountants

  • No need to take out expensive contractor insurance - we ensure you are fully covered

  • Access to Group Pension Scheme and discounted Health Cover

  • Child Care Voucher Scheme

  • Mortgage and Employer references available

How does an umbrella company work?

Using an umbrella company is in fact the easiest way to get paid as a contractor. When you register, you become an employee of the umbrella company and they will make your tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) on your behalf and you will receive a payslip with a list of the deductions to your salary.

Who should use an umbrella company?

Contractor working in the public sector.

Contractors not looking to run their own limited company at the moment.

Contractor who is working private sector after 30th March 2020.