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Failing to prepare a will can leave your assets unprotected and your family's financial future uncertain. Time and again we see cases where the families of loved ones are subject to additional strain at what is already a very difficult time.

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Writing a will is the only way to ensure your property, savings and possessions go to whom you want after you die. It is also an important way to ensure assets are passed on tax efficiently.

  • Three in four families AREN'T covered by a will.

  • Dying with no will means assets will be split according to strict intestacy rules.

  • This risks upsetting those left behind and making things particularly difficult.

With three quarters of people having not written a will, MSR will help you the best way to draw up the Will and explores ways of reducing future inheritance tax bills.

How MSR will help you?

  • We will arrange a meeting for you with our own legal team who are specialised in Will and Probate.

  • Our legal team will prepare Will document with low cost for you.

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