Using risk as a driver rather than a deterrent.

Risk & Advisory Service

Most businesses keep their compliance and internal controls under review, but the best in class also regularly review their risk management. When done well, risk management not only future-proofs your organisation, it helps you sail through stormy waters faster and stronger.

By managing risk, internal control and governance successfully, businesses not only survive, they are able to enhance their strategies and operations, take advantage of opportunities, using risk as a driver rather than a deterrent.

We can help you design and implement practical and cost-effective business risk management solutions.

We can support you by helping you to tailor and design a framework that meets your governance requirements while remaining practical and efficient as well as enhancing your reporting.

Our teams also provide controls assurance, helping you to make sure your risks are being mitigated effectively for your own governance purposes.

Finally, technology risk should be high on your agenda. Data privacy, growing technology resilience dependencies and challenges with implementation of digitalisation are all areas of increasing concern. Our specialist IT team is on hand to support you with high quality technical advice.


Ruban Maha

Founder & Director

MSR Group


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Senior Business Adviser


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Senior Accountant