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‘Your needs are ours to meet’ is our moto and we are committed to listening to your needs.
and we understand how essential it is to maintain a high level of service. MSR Group started its family business to offer a better service to contractors and our journey continues for the excellence.

Your valuable feedbacks are appreciated to make improvements to our services and thus exceeding your expectations.

Our teams are proud to work to the highest standards in the industry and carry out their work with pride, skill and due diligence to ensure your experience with us is smooth and professional. Have a look at our Client Review page to see what our clients are saying about their experiences with our service. We value your feedback and use your insight to improve our service.


Our Umbrella Services: Many contractors join 'umbrella companies', who then manage their pay-related tax concerns after performing a job. We knew we had the expertise to perform a service of this kind, which is why we set up ‘Platinum Umbrella’ – an associate of our the MSR Group. In this regard, we focus a lot on, among others, IT consultants and doctors or nurses.

It didn’t take long to realise this was a good idea, as we’ve grown enormously since setting it up. Both turnover and profits are very high. It’s not just a matter of handling their PAYE concerns, though; we provide help at juncture. We let contractors know exactly what it is they are signing up to and handle all the difficulties relating to paperwork. Be it holiday pay or their right to work, we ensure that the process of them gaining work is as seamless as possible.

 Because the service we provided was of such a high standard, we began to achieve employers through word of mouth. Within merely a year of setting this up – from December 2017 to September 2018 – we grew from managing roughly 100 people’s employment to 1000. Having achieved a turnover of millions of pounds from doing this, we have shown that hard work and entrepreneurial zeal can pay off.

The outcome of this is that we now have in-house professionals who have become experts in this field. Not only have they learned to do this proficiently, we’ve also managed to bring this business model to scale, performing it at considerable speed – a feat much appreciated by our clients.