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  • 1.4 million freelancers in the UK

  • 62% of freelancers are male, 38% are female

  • 14% growth in freelancer numbers since 1998

  • 58% are working “full time” as freelancers, 42% are “part time”

  • Over 160,000 freelance in addition to a main job

  • Male freelancers dominate IT, Mangement, and Engineering roles

  • Translation services, proof-reading and book publishing appear to be female dominated


IT Contractor Market!

Since 1998, estimate that the total number of IT contractors is likely to be in the low hundreds of thousands. Early 2014  PCG team who confirmed that there are were a total of 120,549 IT/telecoms contractors in 2014, which represents about 14% of all those working in IT/telecoms overall.


  • Setting up business model that suite for you.

  • 24/7 access to our newly improved Client Web Portal which is mobile-responsive and more user-friendly than ever

  • Unlimited tax advice and support to help you maximize your take home pay

  • Providing you with real-time information on your business finances so you always know where you stand

  • Taking care of your monthly quarterly and annual statutory filing and regularly advising you when tax payments are due.

  • Setting up and advise on payroll and VAT

  • Monthly base tax and take-home calculation.

  • Business insurance

  • Free investment plan

  • Free pension and auto enrollment advise.

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What we offer for IT Contractors

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