Tax Advise & Support

Tax Advise & Support

Skillful tax planning is critical for business success in an unpredictable business environment and economy.  Individual also need Tax planning as they face their own challenges owning, managing and preserving businesses and wealth in a complex regulatory environment.


HMRC has an unprecedented level of information on UK businesses and taxpayers and is actioning an increasing number of tax investigations to collect additional tax revenues.

Through discreet support or as part of your client-facing team, our tax specialists provide effective tax solutions via our consultancy services. Our team, comprising ex inspector of tax and funding specialists, are expert in providing effective tax solutions, empowering clients with the knowledge to make the right decisions. We're independent, ready to work with any client or accountant and not to compete with your business.

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Tax Consultant



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Tax Consultant


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Senior Accountant

Tax Compliance

MSR Compliance investigators can review the company’s internal procedures, marketing literature, expenses policies, contracts and additional documentation that may leave an organization vulnerable during an HMRC investigation if not set up correctly.
Our service reviews this information and provides a detailed report outlining vulnerabilities that may appear during an HMRC investigation. Our team will guide you to tighten up procedures and can help correct any issues or defend clients in the event of an HMRC investigation.

Tax Risk Management

The amount of information now in the hands of tax authorities and the degrees to which they are sharing this with one another are growing, giving authorities greater capabilities for collecting additional tax. Independent states are seeing businesses generate massive cash flows but leaving behind a diminishing share of profit in the various countries of operation. 

Recent Initiatives and the various steps toward tax reform are all aimed at redefining how profits will be distributed in the digital, IP-driven age. Every country is trying to increase or protect their shares which may cause transfer prising dispute or double taxation

Our aim is to establish IP and PE issues and put things right for the future, by providing practical and innovative solutions.