autumn statement MSR tax investigation specialists are highly professionals with up-to-date technical knowledge. The team of advisors maintains the high    professionalism by complying with current HMRC guidelines and existing recommendations. The skills of the advisors based on the problem solving  techniques and reference to the previous case laws. The experience and expertise enable the team to highlight the clients’ situations and  negotiates with HMRC towards quick agreement to the proposals. The records show the team won the tax cases and solve them within maximum of  three meetings with HMRC.

Along with our conventional accountancy and business consultation services MSR Tax investigation help team also offer the Tax Consultancy  services throughout the UK.

MSR Tax team services include:

  • HMRC queries related to Corporate or personal tax or VAT investigation.
  • MSR directly communicate and control the tax investigation matters for the best interest of the client.
  • MSR Challenge HMRC’s case regarding the dues, refusals and penalties imposed to the client.
  • The tax cases include Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, Capital Gain, VAT, CIS and PAYE. We are experienced in solving more complex cases in particular the challenges of COP9, COP8, Sec 9A, Sec 36 and VAT PN 160.

We continue the matter beyond HMRC (if not resolved earlier) to independent or Tribunal review. You can engage us to intervene in any stage of an appeal from submission of the appeal through case preparation to representation at the hearing.

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