Please follow the steps below in order to create your MSR online ticket account:

Click here to subscribe to our  free membership. Please make sure you provide us the correct email address that we possess in our records already when signing up. This will help us identify yourself and grant you the free membership when registering. 

There is no contracts involved and will not be used for any promotional purposes. All data is secured and controlled by us on a daily basis; this new scheme is purely intended to improve communication between us and existing clients. It will not replace our email accounts, however it will be the main source of communication for yourself and individual departments within the firm. 

After successfully signing up, please raise a support ticket to request help, ask any questions or book appointments.


Step 1. Register with MSR using your name and email address: Click here to register

Step 2. Go back to the support ticket page.

Step 3. Click ‘create ticket’ on the support menu.

Step 4. Fill in the short form and submit the ticket.


Note: 1. Please note your company name or director’s name in the subject. [ Subject]

Note: 2. In the description; write your needs or query clearly.

Note: 3. In the ‘category’ section, please select the correct category to ensure the right department opens the ticket, e.g. Select PAYE when requesting a copy of your last month’s payslips.


What happens once you create and submit a ticket? 

Firstly, you will receive a confirmation that your ticket has reached us. 

After your ticket has received us, the MSR team will reply and update your ticket promptly. You will receive an email notification to indicate to you that there has been a reply to your ticket; you may access this reply on your ticket account through the MSR website. 

These tickets will ensure your demands are met quicker as tickets will be monitored constantly. It is proven to be more efficient than emailing so please begin the service as soon as possible to utilise this new feature by MSR Group.